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A hard-working consulting & coaching firm based in central Ontario. Established in 2012, we strive to enhance the leadership performance of our clients with an approach that makes your success, our priority. Utilizing organizational solutions, creative learning methods and personal development, we offer our clients the full package.
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Dr. Ken Burton
Leadership Specialist

Ken is an extrovert that loves finding solutions to people problems. As a skilled communicator he thrives in group settings yet loves helping people achieve their personal goals one-on-one. Utilizing his desire for life-long learning, he researches solutions that help his clients attain their desired outcomes. 


With over 25 years of pastoral leadership, he has learned how important the "person" of the leader is to the success of any organization. Therefore, he spends most of his time personally connecting with his clients to help them understand how their character qualities and state of well-being influences every aspect of their lives...not just their leadership.


Ken enjoys canoing, kayaking, hiking, and camping. He is also an aspiring portrait photographer and loves a good detective novel.

Dr. Tom Lambshead
Psychometric Specialist

Dr. Lambshead comes to Focus on Leadership as an associate consultant with over 30 years of experience in training and developing leaders in Canada, South America, Asia, and Europe.


His expertise is in Psychometric Assessments and uses these skills to help organizations develop and mobilize their high performance teams to make a positive and significant impact for the sector in which they function. His doctoral research (2012) focused on helping organizations learn the leadership lessons required to transition in the context of change. He combines this transitional work with his expertise in Psychometrics to positively impact the on-going health of organizations and their leadership team.

Dr. Lambshead enjoys reading, weekends at the cottage, and boating.

David Mann
Seminar Facilitator

David is one of those rare people who can always see the best in life. Through his positive attitude, David brings an enthusiasm and excitement to the learning process. You will find he helps bring to life the principles found in the Focus on Leadership material.


David enjoys Paintball, online gaming, and hockey.

“We look forward to meeting with you and your team to define your goals, develop solutions - and realize them! Click on the Red button below for your free initial consultation." 

Ken Burton, Focus on Leadership

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