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Reach Your Leadership Potential


Learn the personal and organizational competencies to be a Dynamic Leader that others will follow. Focus on Leadership’s Executive Training offers a diversity of leadership programs designed to meet the goals of every executive and manager who realizes the importance of ethical values and practices in organizational operations.

Programs range in length from 3-days to 2-weeks, with classroom and online options available.


You're most likely here because you are looking for a solution to a problem. At Focus on Leadership we strive to provide our clients with the most relevant solutions to their problems. Whether you are looking for staff training, a leadership development program for yourself, or a team who can deliver the research necessary to advance your organization, you have come to the right place. To schedule your free consultation with Dr. Burton please click the Red button below.

Who Should Attend

Managers and executives in any functional area of their organization who want to strengthen their leadership skills.


“Leaders need to be learners. If something isn't working, we are likely already trying our best ideas so we need outside, objective, options to rethink what we are doing. Dr. Burton excels at helping this way."

Phil Styles, Clergy

“True Leadership requires the proper balance of wisdom and compassion, Dr. Ken Burton is the leader I trust to transform the lives of those entrusted to me.”

Bill Johnson - Business Owner


Helping People Achieve Their Dreams Through

Character & Wellness.

The leadership of people has many challenges. To be the most effective leader, we believe it is essential to develop the character and well-being not just the competencies of people in leadership positions. To learn more about our workshops contact us for your free consultation... 
As each client is unique, our approach to assisting them is customized. Starting with your desired outcomes we design the necessary training modules and coaching sessions that will best impact your people and organization. To learn more about our coaching services contact us for your free consultation... 
Stressed out about finding a great Keynote Speaker or Emcee for your special event? Looking for someone who is a people person, comfortable in crowds, easy-going and confident as a public speaker? With over 30 years of experience Dr. Ken can make your event flow smoothly and have the impact you desire. For further information contact us... 

Discovery is an important aspect of advancing any endeavour, whether it is your business excellence, leadership capacity or flourishing in life. We believe it is important to engage all stakeholders in the research process, including those in who will be impacted by the findings. That's why we use the Community-based Research approach. To learn more contact us...


FALL 2022
Leadership Growth Groups

Openings are available for our Leadership Growth Groups where you will network with likeminded leaders who become your thinking partners on issues such as Integrity, Honesty, and Trust in business. We'll also discuss "how to apply ethics in business" and "how to make better decisions." Contact us to register...

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